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Anonymous asked:

There a reason you generally seem to ignore fans who want your input on something?


A number of reasons-

A) Depends where I’ve been contacted. On one hand, I have various ways to be contacted, on the other there’s no set one. By this I mean I have an e-mail address, but it’s really for submissions or business. Which confuses me when people complain when I didn’t say ‘hi’ back to them. Youtube messages has updated AGAIN- and I still haven’t fully figured out how it was before, let alone this ‘new’ way.  and Social Media’s really limiting.

2. People seriously underestimate how bad I am at handling social interactions. I struggle a LOT with basic conversation with people I don’t know, and there are a LOT of you to disappoint with that. Someone was whining at me because I didn’t respond to their emails, but SomeOrdinaryGamers did or something like that. And the sad truth about that is- I’m not SOG. He’s a great guy, But I can’t emulate certain traits like that. It’s just not me. If anything, if I properly forced myself to do more interaction than I can handle, I’d be a sellout to myself. I’ve done things for fun and always will. When something is not fun, why am I doing it?

Chapter 3- It’s a cycle of ‘bad’. I struggle to interact with people if I feel bad, and I feel bad for not being able to interact with people. It’s a hard thing to describe really. The best way I’ve gotten around this is my ‘Top 10 Tips for new readers’ which I send to people asking for advice. I also keep an open mind to trying to emulate what people want- i.e Q&A’s for information about myself, and Livestreams for observation of my personality. I’ve made good strides with Livestreams with a lot of interaction, most likely because it’s not one on one and no one expects something from me, more I’m giving out of my own free will. 

Number four: I don’t actually ignore fans by definition. I do actually read a LOT of feedback. I read all the comments for the first few days of a new video, and go back occasionally. I LOVE what people say and I often try look for (constructive) criticism. I scroll through e-mails and messages, asks and tweets. I just don’t have a response for everything. 

And lastly, don’t just think it’s ‘fans’ that I ‘ignore’. When I started Youtube, I had a very small number of friends. You’d think that number would have gone up, where in fact I’d say it went down. I can count the number of people I talk to at least once a week on one hand. And don’t think that it’s due to any trait about them or and status. None of them are Youtubers. I have to say that because I hate it when people feel like they should be entitled to be my friend because they have ‘x’ amount of subs. 

Tl;dr- if I don’t respond to you, it’s not you… it’s me.


  • I was going to answer you but I got distracted by something and forgot

  • My inbox fucked up and ate the message

  • I have nothing else interesting to say

  • I suck at socialising and don't know how to reply

  • I get a lot of messages and it takes a while to get through them


  • I hate you and never want to see you again

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